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Museums and Libraries offer a multitude of media and the storage requirements for their collections can vary significantly depending on the type of product being stored.  Whether your facility requires light/medium static shelving or heavy duty/high density mobile shelving we can design a storage facility that is truly tailored to meet demand.


Precious archive collections can be housed on both mobile and static shelving systems.  Shelves may require perforations for air flow or shelving bays may require fully cladded backs and sides for additional protection.  We cater for all types of standard and specialised book collections for both public library and private, secure archive use.  Mobile shelving systems are the most common way to store archive book collections.


Pictures and paintings can be quite large and take up a considerable amount of storage space.  Great care and attention must be paid to how these items are stored and kept secure and safe from potential damage.  One of the best ways in which to provide secure picture storage is by way of picture racking – either conventional pull out racking or as a lateral mobile racking system.  Pull-out racking systems can be designed to fit into any floor space and they provide a neat, efficient and controlled method of access to store and retrieve paintings.

Paintings are secured to mesh panels (using both sides) which move along a track when pulled out from their resting location – systems can be Floor mounted / Ceiling mounted or mobile subject to available floor space and storage requirement.


Plan storage chests offer secure, organised storage and come in a range of drawer sizes to accommodate the flat storage of papers, maps, blue prints, drawings, textiles, charts etc…

Storage chests can be provided as stand-alone units or can be mounted onto a mobile track as part of a larger storage system – ideal for museums, libraries and archive collections. Stand-alone plan chests are a popular choice in architect’s studio and workshops and they can also be configured to create a working desk surface.


Mobile shelving lends itself to collections of artefacts and specimens – offering high density, secure storage in a concentrated area.  Shelving systems can be designed to work within climate controlled conditions to ensure stored items are kept in the optimum environment.  Shelves can be pitched at various height levels to accommodate a range of product sizes – mobile shelving systems can house a multitude of products of virtually any size.


Shelving can be adapted to house all types of multi-media, from archive film through to vinyl records, CD’s tapes and hi-tech recording equipment and camera kits.   We work with you to devise a bespoke shelving system that takes into consideration things like dirt contamination, temperature control, light control, orientation of product and how it should be stored to pro-long and preserve its quality.