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At MS Storage, we’re firmly positioned at the forefront of innovative healthcare storage solutions. When you work in partnership with us you can expect quality products that represent excellent value. It’s this commitment that has seen us establish ourselves at the heart of the NHS supply chain. Our highly experienced technical team are ready to help you make informed choices to optimise your budget and meet the demands of your unique environment. To find out more about our range of medical storage solutions, call us on 01625 874 220.


An essential element to any healthcare facility, medical records require safe, organised storage. Having a well thought out shelving system is paramount for staff to work efficiently and provide patients with the best service possible.

Our sales team have a wealth of experience in designing medical records shelving systems, from small mobile and static GP systems right up to large volume, high density systems stored off site for archive.  We appreciate that no matter what type of shelving system you require, floor space is often a premium and retrieval rate is important.  We work with you to provide the most cost effective solution for maximum document storage – this may include utilising your existing shelving and re-locating it to become part of a new, bigger system.

Medical records can be storage on all types of shelving systems including; mobile shelving, static shelving, slid-a-side, pirouette and heavy duty.  We work with you to decide what type of shelving works best for you – a truly tailored service.


We offer a number of systems that are specifically designed for the storage of Lloyd George Patient Records, suitable for large scale hospital departments and smaller GP/ medical practices.  Mobile and static shelving systems can be configured to accommodate existing medical records and planned growth of medical records – ensuring your storage needs are catered for not only the present time but in the future too.

Lloyd George filing trays & boxes are specifically designed for storing patient files.  We offer the following: Thick Grey Millboard / or natural cardboard colour – 1.5mm Thick with either Aluminium Card Holder or Brass Card holder & handle. Metal storage box with epoxy powder coated finish – folded lip handle

Dimension for each box are 105mm High x 136mm Wide (external) – this is the minimum size the box needs to be to house the Lloyd George envelopes and maximise the number of boxes per shelf. Depths can vary up from 350mm / 370mm / 380mm / 400mm (front to back) including any fitment.


Sometimes referred to as HTM71 Modular Storage or Theatre HTM71 Roller Racking, basically mobile HTM71 is a moveable storage system that accommodates modular storage units, trays and baskets.
HTM71 – Health Technical Memorandum 71 refers to ward and departmental stock management and we offer a range of shelving units, baskets, cabinets and trolleys specifically designed for this purpose. Most hospital departments will have some form of HTM71 storage for the storage of medical consumables / procedure kits e.g. Treatment Rooms / Clinics / Theatre Prep Areas

To free up valuable floor space we are able to mount HTM71 Cabinets and HTM71 Storage Systems onto mobile tracks, and by doing so you can double your storage capacity in the exact same footprint.
Offering high load capacity, ease of use and a wide range of accompanying baskets and trays our mobile HTM71 systems are the ideal solution for organised, instant access storage.


Hygienic chrome or stainless steel shelving is perfect for sterile environments and like the majority of our shelving systems it can easily be fitted onto mobile tracks to maximise storage capacity within your existing floor space.   Previous installations have included – Linen Stores / Theatre Scrubs Storage / Theatre Operating Kits .

X Ray Storage

Often one of the busiest areas in the hospital, the X-Ray department sees high volumes of files being picked and stored on a daily basis.  We provide a range of shelving systems to accommodate patient X-Ray files/films all of which can be mobilised by mounting the bays of shelving onto guide tracks.

Even a smaller sized mobile system can free up much needed working space, allowing staff to navigate the shelving system quickly and efficiently – providing patients with quality care and service.

Pharmacy / Dispensary

Pharmacies and hospital drug dispensaries see high volumes of supplies being picked, rotated and stored every day.  A well organised shelving system is paramount to the efficiency of any pharmacy; medical supplies need to be easily accessible and rotated to ensure stock is kept within strict date ranges.

Mobile shelving systems allow for easy access and visibility to drugs, whilst increasing your total storage capacity to allow for bulk, high density storage – turning wasted aisle space into valuable storage space.